Technical information

6. Ceiling coverings, special brick bonds & bricks in relief

6. Ceiling coverings, special brick bonds & bricks in relief

Discover the additional benefits with an E-Board® façade renovation.

1. Relief

Brick slips can also be used in relief on E-Board®, in all possible patterns. If you want a variation in the thickness, combine brick slips with a difference of up to 1 cm, for example slips of 2 cm and slips of 3 cm. If you want to use a larger thickness, be sure to ask us for advice first.

2. Ceiling corbelling

Ceiling corbelling is very interesting in E-Board®, as it allows you to build a lightweight construction with a brick finish. Combine traditional brickwork with E-Board® for a monolithic whole. Heavy construction and shuttering are unnecessary with full bricks in a ceiling. You can affix the E-Board® directly to the ceiling vault.

To obtain a perfect connection with the brickwork, a wooden framework with waterproof OSB can be fitted first. The E-Board® is then fixed to this. This allows you to adjust the height of the ceiling. The insulation and brick slips are fitted in the same way as with the façade; there are no additional measures required for support.


3. Brick bonds

On both sides of the E-Board® panels, all different types of brick bonds can be applied. A standard stretcher bond, a flying bond, monk bond, stack bond, ... The horizontal joints are preserved, even in a vertical direction if required, by rotating the panels 90°.

Do you want the layers to be a different size or more variation in the courses with horizontal joints? Simply use the back/joint-free side of the panel to create any bond of your choice.